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    A decisive and timeless style, just like the spectacular land of Puglia, with its olive groves and imposing trunks emerging from the red and fertile soil, right up to an intense sea blue. The Campus table, designed by Mauro Lipparini, is characterised by an evergreen design and rigorous contemporaneity. Textured refinement and functional design for a decisive style. Thanks to its semi-oval curved top, embellished with marble or solid wood, natural materials par excellence, the Campus table becomes the undisputed protagonist of the living area, responding to different furnishing requirements. A set of coffee tables with laser cut steel sheet legs, polished, galvanic nickel coated and liquid painted. The metal base presents details with tobacco painted solid ash wood panels. Top available in various materials: veneered and brushed tobacco elm wood with full-flamed veining and curved edge; Calacatta marble with shiny green finish treated with water-repellent paint. Dimensiuni: 110 x 210 x H75 cm Finisaje: - structura: lemn: frasin tutun; metal: sampanie lucioasa - blat: lemn: frasin tutun Disponibila si pe finisaj de blat din ceramica: alb cu verde. Disponibila si pe dimensiunea de: 110 x 250 x H75 cm.
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